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In Her Own Words

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The contributors are women whose words come alive with personal experience, absolute frankness and thought-provoking feminine perspectives on the issue of holy living. Holiness is not some idealistic ‘impossible dream.’ God has called us to holy living, and this book provides resources that can help make it possible in your life. It’s a great read. Might even change your life. – General Eva Burrows (Rtd)

It is 150 years since Catherine Booth preached her first public sermon on Pentecost Sunday,27 May 1860, in the chapel at Gateshead. Since that step of obedient faith, which was quite controversial and counter to the culture of the day, she – and the soon-to-be formed Salvation Army – never looked back. I am particularly delighted to endorse a book written by women exploring the subject of holiness. May it reach many people and touch many lives for Jesus. – Commissioner Helen Clifton


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