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In preparation for our stocktake and relocation back to Blackburn THQ, Trade Melbourne will not be able to process orders from 31st May. Order processing will resume in July/August. Please stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your cooperation and support.


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As a follow-up to 2012's books of devotions, 'The Sacred Journey', Lieut-Colonel Lucille Turfrey has now provided us with 'Reflections', subtitled 'Nature's parables on wholeness and holiness'. This daily devotional guide offers a six-week series based on Ephesians chapter one and the concept of reflections - on life, on people, on God's hand at work in creation. Each devotional is accompanied by a photo, supporting scripture and a prayer. This is a suitable book for those seeking a deeply meditative set of devotions that retain a relevancy to daily living.